What is Vectorplace?

We are the only collection of high-end vectors available for royalty free licensing. Each image in our collection is selected for its uniqueness and quality.

What is the Vectorрlace license?

All our illustrations are licensed on a royalty-free basis and can be used worldwide in as many online projects you like for as long as you need. Commercial use depends on the extensions to your license you purchase. Extensions help guarantee that you pay only for the usage options you actually need. Learn more about licensing in the License Agreement. Our prices are listed in the License & Pricing Terms.

What is the difference between our Standard and Premium Collections?

All our illustrations are hand selected, meticulously curated and technically refined to fulfil any creative need. They are not only esthetic, but also properly structured, that makes working with them very easy.

Premium Collection illustrations are exclusive to Vectorplace. The Market Lockdown option only available for Premium Collection allows you to exclude a chosen illustration from the collection list for a specified period of time, thus making it unavailable to other customers.

Learn more about our illustrations, collections, and selection criteria in Our Collections.

What is Market Lockdown? How can I ensure the maximum rights for the selected illustrations?

The Market Lockdown option gives you complete control of your purchase. All images in the Premium Collection are available for Lockdown. These images are exclusive to Vectorplace and cannot be found on any other stock image markets. By selection this option, the vector of your choice will be unavailable to other customers.

Learn more about this option in License Agreement.

How can I pay for the illustrations?

We accept all forms of credit card payment. After you sign in and enter your payment details, the purchase will be complete. You can find your invoice at your Vectorplace account on the Billing page.

What types of files are included in my purchase?

Once you have completed your purchase, you will gain access to a .zip link. The zipped archive contains files in EPS and JPEG formats. If a font was used while creating your image (e.g. after using Customization option), we will include the TXT document with your font details to the ZIP archive.

Is it possible to download the illustration I purchased for the second time?

Yes. You can download all purchased images as many times as needed via the Purchases page of your Vectorplace account.

How can I save or delete my credit card details?

You can save your payment details at the checkout so that you can use them again without having to re-enter the information. Your card details are securely stored by an authorized payment system. You can always delete your saved payment details on your Billing page. If you want to change your payment details, you will have to delete your current information and enter the new ones with your next purchase.

The link to the file I purchased is not working or the file is corrupted – what should I do?

If the link to the purchased illustration is not working or one of the files is corrupted, please contact us at support@vectorplace.com indicating the illustration ID, so we can fix the problem.

I want to extend the license or add options – how do I proceed?

If you added an illustration to your shopping cart but have not completed the payment yet, you can simply use the Shopping Cart Edit mode to add the desired options. If an illustration already has been purchased, please contact our Customer Support for help.

Why do you offer vector illustrations only? What is so special about them?

A vector image is a digital image created from points, lines, shapes and curves that are based on mathematical formulas. Therefore vector images have certain advantage over the raster (pixel-based) ones:

  • Vector images are resolution independent — meaning it can be scaled to any size, from a business card to a large billboard, with no loss of detail or sharpness.
  • Vector images are easily adaptable – they can be edited to change color or shapes of a section without affecting the whole image.
  • You can use a vector image as complete illustration or extract desirable elements from the original image or/and combine with other vector illustrations.
  • Vector image can easily be converted into a raster one – and it can be of any format or resolution you need (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.)

Vector images as well as raster ones are widely used in graphic design, printing, advertising, websites, applications, social media etc.

I would like to edit a vector illustration in accordance with my requirements – how do I do that?

To edit your vector illustration you have to use vector graphic software. Most common programs are Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, CoralDraw, etc.

If you do not have time or resources to adjust an illustration yourself, you can use our Customization service and we will do it for you.

What is Customization?

Let us customize your vector for you! Our talented team of designers will edit your purchased vector to fit your creative needs. Learn more about this option here Customization

Where does Vectorplace get these amazing vector illustrations?

Each and every illustration is unique and hand selected to be part of our collection. Illustrations you find at Vectorplace are technically refined to make your job easier. We even do some editing upfront to save you time.

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