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Our collections

Price of Royalty Free license depends on the type of Collection our images belong to. All our images belong to either Standard or Premium Collection (hereinafter correspondingly referred to as “Standard Images” or “Premium Images”):


$ 9

All Standard Images — vector images created by professionals and hand-picked for Vectorplace. Quality and convenience of usage is compliant to the most stringent requirements


$ 135

All Premium Images — our best images exclusively available on Vectorplace, there is no other place you can find them

Royalty Free License

All our images are available with a Royalty Free license:

  • No limits
    • on usage time
    • on usage geography (worldwide)
    • on online usage type (websites, e-products, online media, blog posts, online advertising, electronic publications, etc.)
  • Usage on printing materials: up to 250000 copies in the aggregate
  • Single seat — only one person is authorized to download and use the images
  • Not products for resale — purchased illustrations can not be used for resale in any format

Extensions to our Licenses

For all our images you can choose the following licenses’ extensions with additional features that would be optimal for your needs:


+ $ 50
+ $ 50

Non-limited number of users within an organization can access, download and use the chosen Image

Unlimited Print

+ $ 20
+ $ 150

Non-limited copies of printing materials with usage of the chosen Image

Product for Resale1

+ $ 65
+ $ 450

Usage of the chosen Image as a core element of any derivative products, electronic design for resale purpose and distribution in:

  • Products distributed electronically (e.g. software, apps, templates, screensavers, etc.)
  • Derivative products for sale (e.g. stickers, posters, t-shirts, mugs, etc.)

1 — Without Unlimited Print Extension number of print copies is limited to 250000
Multi-Seat is included

Market Lockdown


For 6 months
+ $ 950
For 1 year
+ $ 1 700
For 2 years
+ $ 2 900

We exclude the Image chosen by you from the sale and search results on Vectorplace from the moment of purchase and for the desired period of time.

Option can be used for one Client only and includes Premium Royalty Free License and the following complementary Extensions: Unlimited Print, Products for Resale and Multi-Seat.

Image Customization2

+ $ 95

An option available exclusively for clients of Vectorplace. It provides you with an Image(s) tailored by our professionals to completely satisfy your creative needs.

Customization options include3:

  • Change layout to landscape, portrait or square. Desirable size/proportions must be provided
  • Adjust composition and placement of key elements of the image: remove, rearrange, switch, ungroup the elements etc.
  • Change color scheme, for example to match your brand’s corporate identity (maximum of three overall colour changes/refinement)
  • Additional new vector elements, change or adaptation of existing ones (no more than 30% of the initial image)
  • Change or add texts, symbols, fonts (when changing the font, the .ttf or .otf file must be provided by the customer)

2 — Customization is not available for images in Premium collection

3 — No more than once per order, unless specifically indicated otherwise

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